Photo courtesy of Baker Street Quarter Partnership

Businesses are integral to the success of the Marylebone LEN and are instrumental in improving air quality. Many of the objectives and tools developed through the LEN seek to encourage and support businesses as they improve air quality.

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

Our BIDs – Baker Street Quarter Partnership, New West End Company and Marble Arch London – work on behalf of local businesses to improve the trading environment. The BIDs have been successful in reducing the number of freight vehicle traveling through the LEN. More work is needed to reduce freight travel, especially as white van and personal deliveries continue to gain popularity.

We want to keep up the success of the BIDs, and are working to develop LEN-wide programmes. Our Freight, Delivery and Servicing sub-group, led by the Baker Street Quarter Partnership, is shaping our Delivery and Servicing Programme. One of the defining features of this programme is the ‘Green Suppliers Club’, which promotes consolidation of freight deliveries and procuring businesses that use EV technology.