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Marylebone High Street

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

Marylebone High Street is one of London’s most distinguishable streets, offering an escape from the bustling surrounding area. Known for its shops and services, and historic character, Marylebone attracts residents and visitors all year round.

One of London’s most memorable high streets, Marylebone High Street is dominated by a significant presence of traffic and a lack of greenery, all contributing to poor quality.

We want to transform Marylebone High Street, creating a ‘Green High Street’ that is vibrant and inviting and improves conditions for pedestrians. Changes to the roadway will reduce the presence of traffic, encouraging more walking along the High Street.

Our greening programme will introduce planters, parklets and planting beds along the High Street. We will incorporate plant species that are known to help improve air quality.

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate