Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

The Marylebone LEN has wide-ranging local support from the BIDs and local businesses, residents and private sector organisations.

Business Improvement Districts

The Baker Street Quarter Partnership BID (BSQ) covers the central area of Marylebone around Gloucester Place and Baker Street. The BSQ works to create a high quality urban realm in the heart of Marylebone, that is not only attractive but a safe and enjoyable destination for those who work and visit the area.

The Marble Arch London BID works closely with business partners and communities, creating a key London gateway that is Marble Arch and Edgware Road. The Marble Arch London BID is committed to improving the look and feel of the area through improvements to the pedestrian environment that businesses, visitors and residents can enjoy.

The New West End Company (NWEC) BID is a leading business voice for London’s popular West End. NWEC works with local organisations and businesses to ensure the commercial success for the area. NWEC delivers management services to 25 streets throughout the West End, including Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street.


The Howard de Walden Estate owns and manages the majority of buildings between Marylebone High Street and Portman Place, and between Wigmore Street and Marylebone Road. The Howard de Walden Estate is firmly rooted within the Marylebone community, with its connections dating back to 1710. Known for its striking architecture, and its range of land uses, the Howard de Walden Estate plays a defining role in the West End’s vibrancy.

The Portman Estate comprises 110 acres of Marylebone in London’s West End, including frontages to Oxford Street and Baker Street. Historic stewards of the area since the 1500’s, The Portman Estate is a local community in the heart of Central London committed to excellence in customer service, and aims to be the destination of choice for residents, businesses and visitors.

Residents’ Associations

The Marylebone Association represents the interests of residents who live and work in the area. The Marylebone Association promote and support initiatives that contribute to the character of and quality of life in Marylebone.

The St. Marylebone Society is the oldest amenity society in Marylebone. Set-up in 1948, the St. Marylebone Society continues to represent the needs of local residents, organise and run a variety of cultural, education and social events, and provide input on local large-scale planning applications.

The Marylebone Forum is a recently established neighbourhood forum representing local residents and businesses, and other organisations within the area. As an independent, non-political organisation, the Marylebone Forum primarily focuses on Neighbourhood planning, as well as non-planning issues to ensure the success of its programmes.

Private Sector Partners

We are working closely with private sector organisations to develop cleaner technologies, which will improve air quality throughout the Marylebone LEN.

Our private sector partners include:

Public Sector Partners

We are working closely with public sector organisations to develop cleaner technologies, which will improve air quality throughout the Marylebone LEN.

Our public sector partners include: