Visitors & Working in the Marylebone LEN

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

The Marylebone LEN is a vibrant place to work and visit.

Did you know that 30,000 people travel into the Marylebone area each day for work?

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

Working in the Marylebone LEN

We know it can be difficult to have deliveries sent to your home – matching schedules, availability and leaving deliveries with the neighbourhoods – can all be very frustrating. Workplace deliveries can be challenging too – struggling with bags and boxes on the tube, train or bus on the way home.

One challenge that is often overlooked is the impact of workplace deliveries on our local air quality. White van and personal deliveries have increased significantly in recent years, and more vehicles on the roads means more congestion and emissions.

Our BIDs have been active in developing and promoting alternative options for deliveries. Check out the BIDs’ websites for more information.

Did you know that 200,000 tourists visit the Marylebone area each day?

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

Visitors to the Marylebone LEN

When visiting the LEN, why not use one of our many EV charging points? Our EV charging points are easy to use, provide access to one-street recharging points and are exempt from the congestion charge.

To further encourage the use of EVs we are exploring way to expand our charging points through innovative programmes.

When visiting the LEN, don’t forget that we are trialling an emission-based parking scheme.