Who We Are & What We Do

Photo courtesy of Steer Davies Gleave

The Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN) was established in July 2016, in partnership with Westminster City Council and local stakeholders, with a central focus on improving air quality throughout the Marylebone area.

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

Marylebone is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas in London. The neighbourhood is renowned for its history and culture, its shops and services, its schools and universities and its strong residential base. Poor air quality is the number one concern for our community, and those who work in and visit the area. 

The Marylebone LEN centres on the Bryanston and Dorest Square and Marylebone High Street wards, and includes popular Paddington Street, George Street and Marylebone High Street.

The Marylebone LEN itself is a partnership between Westminster City Council and local stakeholders, including businesses, landowners and residents, with many of the core projects led and delivered by our stakeholders. The Marylebone LEN is a three-year initiative commencing in July 2016 until July 2019. The Marylebone LEN is funded by the Mayor of London, through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

Improving local air quality

We know air pollution is the number one concern for all those who live, work and visit Marylebone. Through a range of innovative and urban realm projects, our aim is to improve air quality throughout the Marylebone LEN.

Our projects range from interactive air quality educational projects with our local schools, to anti-idling campaigns that encourage drivers to switch off when stationary, a freight delivery programme that reduces freight trips in the area, and an innovative pilot of a diesel surcharge on visitor parking.

Our urban realm projects focus on improving our green infrastructure along key routes. These ‘greening’ schemes will create high-quality public realms that encourage more walking and cycling throughout Marylebone.

Photo courtesy of The Howard de Walden Estate

A Community Focused LEN

The Marylebone LEN is unique in that it engages stakeholders within a range of projects. Our stakeholders, who live and work in the LEN, committed to improving local air quality. They ensure that projects are successfully delivered and create a meaningful, long-lasting impact.

Our Marylebone LEN creates a forum in which our stakeholders can directly lead on and influence projects, share project successes and discover new opportunities within the LEN.  

Our Business Improvements Districts (BIDs for short) are taking an active lead in reducing delivery and freight vehicle trips throughout the area. The Estates are championing cleaner air throughout the LEN through innovative programmes that update older building infrastructure. Our Residents’ Associations provide necessary and much-valued input on our LEN programmes.    

Our private sector partners have been active in trialling new and innovative programmes and technologies throughout the LEN. Working in conjunction with the BIDs, the Estates and our residents, our private sector partners are developing cleaner technologies that will improve local air quality.

Photo courtesy of Marble Arch London BID