MLEN no right turns

Devonshire Place Mews No Right Turn

A trial banning right turns from this residential mews street on to the northern end of Marylebone High Street was introduced initially on a trial basis to deter drivers using this route as a short cut and creating a local air pollution problem on what should be a low-traffic mews street.

Since the introduction of the trial, the average number of vehicles travelling along this street has reduced by 77% 

Bird Street

The New West End Company conducted a temporary pilot study in Bird Street, adjacent to Oxford Street, which the Marylebone LEN contributed to. The project trialled a number of innocative technologies including an air cleaning bench, kinetic paving, a green wall and air cleansing paint. The project was successful at increasing footfall and engaging the public with the issue of air quality. Many of the elements were transferred to a primary school in the LEN area after the project was decommissioned, and the lessons learned helped inform subsequent collaborative projects commissioned by the New West End Company such as the innovative and successful garden installed in Old Quebec Street. 


University of Westminster Parklet Design Competition

In partnership with the University of Westminster’s Marylebone campus a competition was held tasking students with designing a concept for a parklet, that would be suitable for development and installation in the Marylebone area, taking account of the need to improve air quality through greening in line with the objectives of the LEN. Twenty-three competition entries were received and a shortlist was whittled down to two winning designs, which both made use of sustainably sourced and recycled materials, and innovative construction methods. One design even extolled the virtues of moss for its air cleansing properties!